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International Awards & Honors

  • 10/23/2022 Solo Concert prior to Amherst Symphony Orchestra

  •  10/12/2022 Induction Ceremony for BMHOF class of 2022

  •  8/09/2022 Press Conference for BMHOF class of 2022

  •  6/11/2022, T21RS International Down syndrome research

  •  5/6/2022, MDSC research conference keynote speaker,

  •  1/2022 selected & performed for a Project of “Art We Can
    “of Korea among few international Musicians  to unite in a
    post-Covid 19 world and create a video with uplifting music
    “Unite together with Art We  Can”.

  • 11/19/21 Down Syndrome International Dubai 2021 Conference,

  • 10/16/2021 for UPS & DOWNS DS organization of Calgary Canada, 

  • 6/28/2021: Live entertainment for day long Swiss digital leaders virtual conference in Zurich

  • 6/14/2020: Charity drive for DSA of Simone County Ontario Canada 

  • 4/9/2020: Amazing Grace played on seven instruments for Corona fest live stream for Gig's friends from London.

  •  April 2020: Virtual performance on UK Facebook for " Gig Buddies Corona Virus Fest " Amazing Grace played on 7 different instruments

  • Septmber 2019 : Music presentation award for JEB Symposium at University at Buffalo 

  •  December 2019 : Motivational presentation at SRCC children's hospital and school in Mumbai India

  • May 2018: Chris Burke for Excellence in Disability Advocacy award given by Museum of Disability for services offered in Western NY community 

  • March 2017: Keynote speaker at International conference by DSFN of Trinidad & Tobago to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2017 Received award from the President 

  • August 2016: Award by ISC club of WNY in recognition of extraordinary accomplishments as a Goodwill Ambassador to the World & Humanitarian services 

  • May 2016: Film made in London with other 13 exceptional International musicians selected by Audition for 2016 Paralympic Games to be held in Rio.

  • May 2015: Performed music, gave ambassador speech & Tae Kwon Do Demo at Carnegie Hall 

  • July 2015 Perform with international band “United by Music” at Portland, OR. 

  • August 2015 invitation to Pyeongchang Sp. Olympic music festival by S. Korea 

  • May2015; Carnegie Hall Debut with celebrity's fundraiser by Best Buddies international 2014 Rise. (Rising in Spirit of Expectations) Award: By Y Pierre Productions. A red carpet Event to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of advocates born with Down syndrome 

  • July 2014: Best Buddies International Talent award will be given in the Leadership conference 

  • Dec 2013: 142 Community All Star Award by NY State Assemblyman Michael Kearns 

  • Feb. 2013: Student of the Months: Tae Kwon Do School award & on the way to 3rd degree 

  • Nov.29, 2012, Most Improved and Highest Rank Student trophy at 2nd degree, level 2 in Master Son Chong's Tae Kwon Do school, in Amherst, NY.

  •  March 20/22, 2012: CEDCD in Bucharest, Romania launches celebration of 2012 World Down Syndrome Day highlighted with Sujeet 's concert & speaking. 

  • Oct 16, 2011 Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award presented by The Global Down syndrome Foundation for a self advocate. 

  •  March 21, 2011: WDSD (World Down Syndrome Day) day award for by DSI 

  •  March 21, 2011: HYH (Have You Heard) Rise award for International Impact Feb.27, 2011 NY State Assembly Citation for Music & Self advocacy 

  • Jan 2011 Plaque of Recognition by DS foundation of differently-Abled in Davao City, Philippines 

  • Sept 15, 2010: Honorary Chairs by Global Down Syndrome Foundation 

  • June 2010: Provided Background music (original) for a documentary “People like me “produce by Syracuse University 

  • May 2010: “Visionary Award” by Berkshire Hills Music Academy (Sujeet graduated in 2002.)

  • Jan.2010: Invited as an Ambassador for Down Syndrome International (DSI) to perform & speak In London in March 2010 

  •  Feb 7, 2009: Solo performance at 2009 Winter World Games opening ceremony for 14,000 People from 98 countries in Boise, Idaho 

  •  October 2009: NDSS selected Sujeet as “The Traveler” for the project "My Great Story" to raise Awareness about Down syndrome. 

  • May 2008: Empowerment day 2008 self advocacy award Human Works Affiliates in Pennsylvania 

  •  October 2007: “SNF “Thank you award for music performance & Speaking for a fund raiser by Special Need Family center in Dubai, UAE 

  • June 2007: Award for his self advocacy by South Asian community & Disability of New Jersey.

  • March 2007: DSANI achievement award 2007 given by Down Syndrome Association of N. Indiana For presentation a musical PowerPoint workshop 

  •  September 2006: “Leaders award” in Leaders' Exhibit by Genetic Alliance at the National Geographic Museum, in Washington, DC.

  •  March 2006: 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do First youngest student in Utica martial art school 

  •  April 2004: This most Prestigious “Honor & Pride” Most recognized Self-advocate born with Down syndrome given at the 8th world Down Syndrome Congress in Singapore where 35 Countries nominated 35 self advocates from around the world. Who excels in various fields?

  • August 2004: “Christian Pueschel Memorial Citizen Award” for outstanding self-advocate given by (NDSC) National Down Syndrome convention in Indianapolis presented by Dr. Dr. Pueschel 

  • April 2001: award winners for outstanding achievement in Arts “Yes I Can" by The Foundation for Exceptional Children. (FEC)

  •  2001 Very Special Arts: Certificate of recognition for outstanding submission to the 2001. Panasonic Young Soloist Award by VSA. 

  •  Jan 2001: An Achievement Award on United Nations International day of Disabled Persons given y The President of Singapore Mr. S. R. Nathan

  •  Dec 2000: an award of Appreciation from. Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi, Minister for Community Development of Singapore

  • 1999 Community work experience, By FM School at the annual awards night for Community work Experience, for work at Syracuse university band library and at the Beat Street Music Store

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