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About Sujeet


41-year-old Sujeet Desai is an accomplished musician born with Down syndrome. Sujeet plays seven instruments. Bb and Bass clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Violin, Trumpet, Piano & Drums. In June 2001 he graduated from high School with honors and in May 2003 from the Berkshire Hills Music Academy in Massachusetts after two-year residential post-secondary study in Music and Human services.

Sujeet travels worldwide to do inspirational solo music performances and self-advocacy workshops. After the graduation he worked as a teacher's aide for a music department in an elementary school. He taught music & basic computer skills to adults in Day Hab. programs in Buffalo.


Currently he plays his music in community churches, nursing homes, senior centers, hospitals to bring joy to those away from home and family. He is a member of couple community bands. Sujeet enjoys independent living in his own home with some support.


In 1998, when Sujeet started to volunteer his entertainment, the
overwhelming response received from his audience led to his decision
to make music his career. First one with differently challenged musician
to be inducted into 2022 Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame ( BMHOF ), First
one born with Down Syndrome to be invited to open with his solo
concert for Amherst Symphony Orchestra ( ASO) During Pandemics
presentations for many International Virtual conferences, In May 2016,
he played in Film shoot in London with other thirteen exceptional
international musicians.


May 2015 “Carnegie Hall Debut” with standing ovation. He is a winner of President's awards of three countries Singapore, Dubai & Trinidad. He has performed in over forty. states, and thirteen countries.


Sujeet is a recipient of numerous International and numerous National Awards & Honors. (List enclosed) Besides music Sujeet has 3rd Dan Black Belt in martial arts Tae Kwon Do and currently training towards fourth dan. He used to be “Sensei” at Martial Arts school teaching young children.
He is a winner of Gold & silver medals in the World Games 1999 Special Olympics in Swimming and numerous medals in Special Olympics in Alpine skiing, Cross-country running, and Bowling. He enjoys replying to his friends from all over the world that visit his web site as well face book. Two documentaries were done on Sujeet's life and had many TV & newspaper interviews. He is been featured in the wall street journal, New York Times, aired on the National TV shows “the View”. “20/20”, “Oprah Winfrey”, WCNY public channels and local TV news. He was honored by NDSS as National spokesperson for Down syndrome and was published in forty magazines nationwide as THE TRAVELER to raise awareness of Down syndrome campaign.


Sujeet is as an Ambassador of Down Syndrome International (DSI) based in London , Global Down Syndrome Foundation ( GDSF) from Denver ,CO. New York Best Buddies International as well few other disability organizations in US. Sujeet has worked extremely hard for last 30 years trying to become the finest musician he can be, while also working to overcome the limitations of his disability. Music has helped him bridge this gap.


With his musical versatility Sujeet has become a role model and has brought inspiration and hope to individuals born with disability, their parents, educators, and the services that work with them. Sujeet's family takes pride in him for all that he has brought into their lives. Sujeet performs with a musical power point workshop “My Story: How I improvise my life with multiple intelligences”. Sujeet's MISSION is to send a message across the world that given opportunities for their abilities individual with disabilities can “Make It Happen!” Sujeet's music is more than just an entertainment. It's educational, inspirational and focused to make his MISSION POSSIBLE! 

Career Highlights

Highlights of achievements for SUJEET DESAI

  • Sujeet Desai is an incredible self-advocate, A Musician & Motivational Speaker. Since age of 14 Sujeet has paved many new roads in the world of disability and has become a role model. Below are just few highlights of his record breaking achievements from his long Biography and Honors followed the highlights 

    • Versatile Musician:

    • * Plays more than 7 Musical Instruments 

    • * Travelled around the world in 15countries and over 40 states in United States to share his music & motivational speaking 

    • * First one born with Down syndrome to play in Carnegie hall (2015) 4 instruments in 7 minutes with "Tae Kwon Do" demo 

    • * Opening night with music at Special Olympic world Games in 2009 (in Boise, Idaho) 

    • * Receiving a presidential award from 3 different countries Singapore, Dubai & Trinidad 

    • * Selected by audition as one of the 13 horn players by Blink film production in London to make a commercial for 2016 Rio Paralympics.

    • * During the pandemics since March 2020 to this date Sujeet continues with virtual live performance. National & International honored unique invites 6/11/2022,T21RS International conference, 5/6/2022, MDSC research conference keynote speaker, 12/20/2021 “ArtWecan” by Korean cultural/art organization event with global artist, 11/19/21 Down Syndrome International Dubai 2021 Conference ,11/20/2021 for UPS & DOWNS conference of Calgary Canada, 6/28/2021 for Swiss Digital Leaders International Conference in Zurich , 6/4/2020 Charity drive for Down Syndrome Association of Simone County in Ontario, Canada. 4/9/2020 Corona fest for Gig Buddies London UK. They all are posted on his web site under “Covid 19 messages & Prayers.

    • * First one with differently challenged musician, to be inducted in to 2022 Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame ( BMHOF ) 

    • * Entertainer for WNY over 50 Senior Residential Facilities, Churches & Fundraising events since 2010 ( ASO)

    • * First one born with Down Syndrome to be invited to open with his solo concert for Amherst Symphony Orchestra ( ASO)

    • Athlete:

    • * At age 16 receiving Black belt in Tae Kwon Do (with typical students) 

    • * First one born with Down Syndrome to receive 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do in Dec. 2017 Currently training for 4th degree Black belt 

    • * 1999 World Game gold medalist in Aquatic. With more NY Team silver medals in the same world games 1999 

    • * Many National gold & silver medals for swimming in Downhill skiing, cross country, bowing, Basketball & Bocce ball 

    • Motivational Speaker:

    • * 1st Ambassador for Down Syndrome International (DSI). Has been ambassador for Best Buddies International, NDSS & NDSC as well many Down syndrome organizations.

    • * Combines his music with motivational speaking with unique power point presentation.

    • * Currently in Western New York holds a job as a differently Challenged inspirational entertainer for over 50 senior living community, nursing homes, for any annual events, fundraisers and much more.

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