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Resources and Inspiration

Trisomy 21 Research Society International conference: 6/11/22

Keynote Presentation at MDSC conference:6/2/2022

Public Service announcement MDSC conference February 2022

"Light up the night party to celebrate for 2022 WDSD at Gigi's Buffalo playhouse" 3/21/2022 

 WDSD 2022 Celebrating ENDLESS ABILITIES: Legacy of Dr. Langdon Down:3/21/2022

WDSD 2022 "I Believe I Can Fly"3/21/2022

 Auld Lang Syne" Duet by Sujeet & Sujeet for New Year Wish 12/31/2021 

 HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2021 & A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 12/18/2021

 "Art We Can" project by Korea: 12/16/2021

 SANY State virtual conference closing: 12/11/2021 

 WDSC Dubai 2021 virtual conference I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING (IN PERFECT HARMONY 11/18/2021

Interview on WBBZ TV"Passionate Living " by Cat Miller. 11/18/2021

" OCTOBER" THE NATIONAL AWARNESS MONTH FOR DOWN SYNDROME combined with Halloween Trunk or Treat party:10/31/2021

"Thriller"Down Syndrome Awareness month :10/21/2021

Ups & Downs Conference : Calgary, Canada 10/16/21/2021

Elmwood Womens Club:10/14/2021

October is the National awareness month for Down syndrome and my continued advocacy for Down Syndrome International ( DSI) with the message : " Climb Eve'ry Mountain " 10/9/2021

October National Awareness month for Down Syndrome " I believe I can Fly":10/1/2021

 "I BELIVE I CAN FLY" My message for Down Syndrome Awareness month :9/30/2021

 Gigi's Buffalo one year Birthday : 8/21/2021

My musical Tribute to " Celebrate the life of dear Friend Bob McCormick :8/14/2021

"WE SURVIVED WE THRIVED" SANY Regional Conference :8/5/2021

" STRONGER TOGETHER" SANY of Long Island Conference :7/20/2021

" Stay Up Late " 10th anniversary celebration:7/2021

 National Anthem at Highmark stadium for the Buffalo bills 6/26/2021

 Sujeet's Live Virtual performance for a conference in Zurich, 5/28/2021

2021 WDSD (Delayed) by a Virtual Conference Event :4/10/2021 

"My Story " Yes I Can"for Down Syndrome International : 3/17/21 

World Down Syndrome Day 21 day Challenge : 2/28/2021 

Valentines Day:2/13/2021

Martin luther king day for SANY:1/23/2021

Martin Luther King Jr. day on Zoom for SANYS: 1/18/21

"So Long" New Year Celebration:12/31/2020f"

"Auld Lang Syne" New Year Celebration: 12/31/20

 "Celebrate" New Year Celebration: 12/31/20

Holiday Wish: 12/24/2020 

My Holiday wishes for 2021 CORONA free New year: 12/24/20

Stay Up Late, UK:12/22/2020

 Thanksgiving wish:11/26/20

 "World's Children's Day" :11/20/20 

"Adams Family" Holloween at GIGI's Playhouse, Buffalo, NY: 10/31/20

"Thriller" Holloween at GIGI's Playhouse, Buffalo, NY: 10/31/20

"Chrysalis" Buffalo Gigi;s: 10/29/2020 

"October" Down Syndrome Awareness month: 10/23/2020 

Gigi's Playhouse Mural photo :10/2020

Gigi's Playhouse Mural photo :10/2020

Gigi's Playhouse Mural photo :10/2020

 Gigi's Playhouse for Butterfly Mural opening: World Down Syndrome month 10/2020

"Spooky Karaoke" Buffalo Gigi's Playhouse: 10/19/2020 

D S awareness month at Buffalo Gigi's Playhouse: 10/17/2020 

"October" DS awareness month: 9/30/2020 

 On zoom with "ANGELS IN DISGUISE" to Celebrate October the Down Syndrome Awareness Month to celebrate Abilities and Accomplishments of individuals born with Down syndrome.: 9/30/2020

 Covid 19 -Stay Active "Talent show for SANYS": 9/15/2020

Be Safe & Well during this pandemic : 8/29/2020

Virtual Grand opening GIGI's Playhouse Buffalo: 8/26/2020 

Gigi's Playhouse Buffalo grand opening : 8/1/2020

Covid 19 & Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day :7/20/2020

Wedding Anniversary for my neighbors: 7/14/2020 

Covid 19 & Independence Day :7/4/2020

Covid19 & Bonnie & Roger's Anniversary:6/29/2020

 Zoom presentation for State of New York Talent Show: 6/23/2020

Covid 19 & Father's Day"Lean on Me" :6/21/2020

Covid 19 & Father's Day"Stand by Me":6/21/2020

" Yes I Can"Zoom meeting with Self Advocacy of New York State: 6/17/2020

 Facebook live"Charity Drive" for DSA of SIMCOE county: ON, Canada 6/14/20

Memorial Day Message: 5/25/2020

Prayers and Cheers: 5/18/2020

Mother's Day Message during COVID 19: 5/10/2020

Corona stress reducer musical painting "Colors of the Wind" 4/27/2020 

Zoom meeting with "Brady Bunch" star Maureen McCormic: 4/14/2020

Coronafest live streaming on facebook for UK organization: 4/9/2020

World Down Syndrome Day 2020 for Alexanders Angels:3/21/2020

 Chat at from Bombay: 2017

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