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A Note From Sujeet's Parents

Dear Friends,

We would like to thank the Internet visitors from all over the world who have visited Sujeet's site. Your complimentary and encouraging E-mails are inspiration to Sujeet as well reward for us. We are glad to see that Sujeet has become an inspiration to many parents especially those of younger children with disability. Each of Sujeet's achievement is a result of his very hard work. Sujeet loves to be around people. He enjoys performing his music and seeing his audience happy. All he needs is an opportunity and he makes the best of it. Opportunities do not come easily in the world of disability. We have to constantly advocate for Sujeet in order to have his strengths recognized and not have people dwell on his disability. Sujeet's continuous hard work has opened many doors of opportunity for him. We are very thankful to those special people who have given him that recognition. We are updating his site with pictures and news about his activities including his 11 International awards of recognition, high school and music academy graduation,his succesful experience of independent living on a college campus, his year around national and international solo performances, self-advocacy workshops and finally step further what led to fulfilling his dream. 


Sujeet has brought hope, joy and pride in our life. We are very proud of Sujeet. We would like to share those special moments with Sujeet's Internet friends. Hope you enjoy visiting the related links.

Thank you for your continued support .


Sharad and Sindoor Desai

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